Oil on Panel 36″ x 48″

Ever Moored

Oil on Panel 24″ x 24″

Gone to Seed

Oil on Panel 36″ x 48″

Water Foul

Oil on Panel 48″ x 24″

Fender Render

Oil on Panel 48″ x 36″

Restoring the Passion

Oil on Panel 48″ x 36″

Frozen Stare

Oil on Panel 48″ x 24″

About the Artist

As a boy growing up in the country, Bill Foster would spend his days hiking and enjoying the outdoors, so it’s not surprising that his favourite painting subjects are usually from nature. Bill completed the Special Art program at H.B. Beal. During the same period, he also studied art under Fred McLaren, an alumni of the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Later, Bill graduated from Fanshawe College’s Advertising Art program. Bill pursued a successful career in the advertising field and has only recently returned to his love of painting.

The Works

Giclée Prints:

Giclée prints are available printed, signed, and numbered on acid free, 100% cotton fiber paper, and printed using archival inks. This creates a museum-quality print. I personally manage every step of the process to ensure a beautiful print truly representative of the original artwork.

Custom Panels:

I build wood panels to custom sizes to best suit the composition of my paintings. The panels are cut, sanded, and fitted to mitered trim which is glued then nailed into place. The surface has four or more applications of gesso, which are sanded in between. Finally, all the sides are hand-painted matte black. All of this labour-intensive work is done prior to beginning the painting. Upon completion of the artwork, a hanging wire is mounted to the back side and the painting is ready to hang.

Commissions Welcome:

While original paintings and prints are available for sale, Bill also takes on commissioned pieces. These are custom created to most dimensions and subject matter, including landscape, portrait (person or pet), and architecture.

Free Artwork Critique:

I offer free art advice for beginner to advanced artists seeking my artist critique on their work. I want to give back to the art community by offering positive direction to help bring your artwork to the next level.

Send me an image of your artwork (less than 5MB), plus the how and why of your artwork, to receive my free art advice. I look forward to seeing your work and helping you. Send to: studiofoster@start.ca

Art Gallery

wild pitch s
Hedge Fun 24" x 18"

natural new s

Natural Selection Two 23.5" x 30"

Multi-Pronged Approach s

Multi-Pronged Approach 21" x 29"

Pop 12" x 12"


Snap 12" x 12"


Pulp 12" x 12"
Reigning Monarchs 15" x 60"
Net Worth 32" x 15"
Net Worth 32" x 12"
Drawn In 36" x 48"
Featherweights 24" x 36"
Commuter's Canyon

Commuter's Canyon 24" x 30"

Natural Selection

Natural Selection 36" x 48"

Fender Render

Fender Render 48" x 32"

Rotten Luck

Rotten Luck 48" x 24"

Fat Chance

Fat Chance 24" x 24"

Gone to Seed

Gone to Seed 36" x 48"

Ever Moored

Ever Moored 24" x 24"

Frozen Stare

Frozen Stare 48" x 24"

Water Foul

Water Foul 48" x 24"

Martin Motel

Martin Motel 24" x 30"

Against the Grain

Against the Grain 36" x 48"

A Study in Cerulean

A Study in Cerulean 36" x 48"

Water Ballet

Water Ballet 24" x 24"

The Book Lover

The Book Lover 36" x 48"

The Sentinel

The Sentinel 36" x 48"

Restoring the Passion

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits are beautifully realistic oil paintings of your favourite furry family member. Honour your pet.


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